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Saving The American Dream Podcast

Welcome to the Saving The American Dream Podcast with Financial Advisor Michael Schulte of WestPac Wealth Partners. Are taxes, market volatility, inflation and other risks threatening your pursuit of the American Dream? If you need help planning how to tackle these financial headwinds, then this is the show for you!

With pensions disappearing, the American Dream is harder than ever to achieve. We're on our own to successfully plan for our financial futures. That's why it's so important to make wise decisions with your financial plan and as you get older those decisions become more and more critical.

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Jul 9, 2020

If you’ve been around the internet long enough, you know to avoid the comment section. We slipped up and scrolled through a recent active on retirement and COVID-19. We’ll share the wide range of comments we came across and have a little fun evaluating them. Plus we’ll talk about times you say one thing and do another with your money before pulling Mark Twain quotes that provide a little financial wisdom.


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Today's show schedule: 

0:52 – How we got into the comment section.

2:01 – 1st comment

4:25 – 2nd comment

8:51 – 3rd comment

13:40 – 4th comment

16:42 – 5th comment

19:17 – 6th two comments

20:41 - The second topic today - saying one thing, doing another

21:27 - 1st example - Save in small ways but waste money in other ways.

21:27 - 2nd example - Saying you have a lower risk tolerance but your portfolio doesn’t reflect that.

29:18 - 3rd example - Saying you love your family but haven’t put a plan in place to protect them.

31:20 - 4th example - Wanting to retire ASAP but not taking the time to plan for it.

34:09 - Quotes from Mark Twain

36:52 - 2nd quote

38:18 - 3rd quote

40:53 - 4th quote

42:17 - 5th quote

43:22 - 6th quote