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Caffeine And Cash Flow with Michael Schulte

Welcome to the Saving The American Dream Podcast with Financial Advisor Michael Schulte of WestPac Wealth Partners. Are taxes, market volatility, inflation and other risks threatening your pursuit of the American Dream? If you need help planning how to tackle these financial headwinds, then this is the show for you!

With pensions disappearing, the American Dream is harder than ever to achieve. We're on our own to successfully plan for our financial futures. That's why it's so important to make wise decisions with your financial plan and as you get older those decisions become more and more critical.

New episodes bi-weekly. Visit our website for show notes, resources, more information and to contact Michael at Or call 702-767-4897.

Dec 9, 2021

You might not be able to follow through on all 22 of these resolutions, but implement even just a few of these and you’ll be well on your way to a more prosperous financial life in the coming year.


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What we discuss in this episode: 

2:54 – Reduce debt

4:31 – Boost savings

5:44 – Prepare for unexpected

7:25 – Don’t overreact

8:51 – Budget

10:29 – Meet with a financial advisor

11:49 – Tough conversations

13:39 – Audit insurance

14:25 – Refinance

15:36 – Organize

16:38 – Check credit

17:30 – Check fees

18:30 – Share knowledge

19:52 – Give back

21:10 – Review tax brackets

22:11 – Roth conversion

23:13 – Update paycheck withholdings

24:39 – Rebalance portfolio

26:10 – Transition to retirement

27:21 – Consolidate accounts

28:06 – Listen to our podcast